Interview with AG blogger- Delightful World of Dolls! (AGCC #5)

Hey guys! I know... I haven't been able to post for the LONGEST time. I've been trying to prioritize school going into the new school year, and I've had a ton of stuff going on. :( I've decided to try to post on Saturday/or Sundays during the school year. The cross country season just ended, so I don't have practice to worry about that much anymore so I should have some more free time as well!
We have an interview!!!
I got to chat with Madi from the American Girl Doll blog, "A Delightful World of Dolls" and ask her some questions! If you haven't heard of her (where have you been!?!?) then I will link her blog and YouTube at the end of this post. :) Before we get to the questions, make sure to check out my last interview with Heart from ForeverandDollways AGTube channel! You can read that here! Or, if you would like to see a running list of everyone we have interviewed, you can see that here! Okay, now let's get to the questions and Madi's amazing answers!
Madi's photos! They are so awesome and fun and realistic and just ahhhh!!! I love them so much! All photos used in this blog post belong to Madi, and I have permission to use them. :)
RF8: One of my favorite things on your blog is the photo-story series! Which one was your favorite one to create and film?
DWOD: I'm so glad you like them! They're really fun to do. Hang on to Hope Season 2 was my favorite! I had a lot of fun with the characters and cliffhangers. This year I'm going Hang on to Hope Season 3- I can only imagine how fun that's going to be!
RF8: What AG platform are you most active on? (Ex. Blog, Instagram, Flickr, YouTuber, etc.)
DWOD: Definitely my blog! I've consistently been doing that for five years come this November.
RF8: How did you first hear about AG blogging, and why did you decide to start DWOD?
DWOD: In August of 2012, I was searching for American Girl doll craft/play ideas for my AG doll Molly. I came across and was introduced to the world of AG blogging! I started DWOD because I wanted to share Molly's adventures with the world (like an old doll blog called Julie's Jumbles did). 
RF8: What is the most important piece of advice that you can give to AG bloggers? (or other creators!)
DWOD: Don't compare yourself! It's definitely important for you to learn from other blogs you admire and work diligently on improving your talents, but don't compare yourself like you'll never be as good as others. Even the experts started at the beginning.
This is Ellie! She is STUNNING!
RF8: How many dolls do you have, and what are your names?
DWOD: So far, I have 10 18" American girl dolls; Molly, Josephina, Cecile, Emilie, Jasmine, Ellie, Chloe, Taryn, Katy Christine, and Delainey!
RF8: What equipment do you normally use to film stopmotions, photostories, or shoot photoshoots?
DWOD: Always a camera! I used my sisters Canon EOS 60D for awhile before moving on to our ministry's Canon EOS 50D Mark II. I used a lot of studio lights for shooting The Goodbye ( and for photostories I use a white fluorescent studio light with a fabric filter. I do have a reflector I really should use while doing photoshoots but haven't practiced using it yet... :)
RF8: Do you have any advice for AG content creators struggling to juggle their blog, school, religious responsibilities, and family responsibilities?
DWOD: It's definitely a balance. Life can be crazy, and we need to have our priorities in order. I like creating schedules for myself to see my goals and what I need to do to get their in the midst of life's responsibilities- and am still trying to keep in mind to be flexible because not everything goes as planned! ;) AG content creating is such a fun hobby (and for some like me, a ministry)- but we have to remember that fun has it's place and life needs to come first sometimes. 
RF8: Who was your first doll, and do you recommend her?
 DWOD: My first doll was Molly McIntire! I totally recommend her- my Molly is definitely well-played with and loved, but she's such a beautiful doll. Molly is retired now, but if you have the chance to get your hands on one- get her!
RF8: Do you have any experiences/stories of going to the AG place or hanging with your dolls to share with us?
DWOD: The first time I went to the American Girl store for my ninth birthday. We actually walked around the mall in search of the store before realizing it wasn't inside the mall at all. And haha, when I was younger, I would "feed" my dolls fake food for fun and take them out in my backyard in baby strollers for "walks!"
This is the thumbnail photo for Madi's AGSM movie- "The Goodbye"
RF8: Why do you think you have continued to collect dolls, but have grown out of other phases??
DWOD: That's a really awesome question! I'd have to say that AG blogging and doll-loving community has helped contribute to that. With my peers and even adults in the AG-loving boat with me, it's been easy to continue collecting dolls while other hobbies and phases have passed away. 
This is Katy Christine! :D
Those are all of the questions! Thank you so so so so much to Madi from DWOD for agreeing to be interviews, I'm so sorry for the posting delay! :( 
Thanks for reading this blogpost!


  1. AWW YAY! Thank you SO much for interviewing me, Reyna! It was a ton of fun. The post looks amazing! Thank you so much again!


    1. I’m so happy you liked it Madi! I loved working with you, it was so much fun! Thank you so much for agreeing to do this :) You are so awesome!


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